Two soft sculpture babies (hard to find!)

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Two soft sculpture babies (hard to find!)

Post by Court_LLRN » Fri Jan 12, 2018 3:29 pm

These two precious little ones are going to be super hard to let go of - I actually made a wanted post for them a while back and a wonderful DF member happened to have them both up for sale.
These were originally made by Kimsbabies (I've been told she's the same lady who now makes the silicone dolls? Kimbrydolls I think?) and she had them for sale on etsy.
They are both anatomically correct girls but I made the one with the hair as boy in my collection.
I drew the face on the hair-baby myself so the 'face up' is not her original work.

Both are weighted like a real baby and have heavy heads. They have jointed arms and legs. They are about 17-18 inches long and wear smaller newborn/large preemie size clothing.

I am asking $50 plus shipping for the one with the hair. Bald one is now sold. :heart:

This picture was before the hair-baby's face drawing.
And here is the baby after - again, I dressed this baby as a boy but it's actually an anatomically correct girl, if that makes a difference. :heart:

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