Tons of kits for sale/trade! Limited Edition! Old! New!

kits and doll parts
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Tons of kits for sale/trade! Limited Edition! Old! New!

Post by Elle Rae » Sat Nov 18, 2017 10:17 pm

Something for everybody here :D I will add more to the list as I find them. Really need to clean and organize my dolly room! And my dining room armoire... and my china hutch (that are filled with dolls and kits!) Help me clear out :lol:

Indie Eagles $175
Tegan Eagles $129
Sunshine Winters $195
Asriel Asleep by Jorja Pigott $129
Phoenix Arcello $165

The following prices (from here to the bottom) do not include shipping:
Jaxson $52
Joseph $52

BB kits
Kate $35
Shyann 2nds $25
Biracial Shyann $32
Eden 2nds $25
Eden $35
Rowan $40
Heather $35
Cozy $35
Gemma $35
Lulu by Jen Printy $35
Sweet Pea Asleep $35
Fei Yen $35
Leah $30

Other: I will consider offers on any of these if you buy more than one!
Kristen by Stephanie Sullivan $40
Trinity Grace by Linda K Smith $40
Mathis Legler $95
Deshawn Printy $69
Jase Auer w/bb limbs make offer
Sadie by Elly Knoops $55
Bella by Elly Knoops $55
Katie by Toby Morgan $55
Landon by Tamie Yarie head and Certificate make offer
Camden by Donna Lee $85
Billy by Aleina Peterson $75
Stella head only by Melody Hess make offer
Ashley by Shelly Kniep $45
Alisha by Shelly Kniep $45
Biracial Luca by Elly Knoops hard vinyl 1/4 limbs $75

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