What, in your opinion, makes........

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What, in your opinion, makes........

Post by Annette »

What, in your opinion, makes a kit face look like a boy or girl, other than clothes, of course?
I have trouble making my girls look like girls. 🙄. They always seem to look like boys to me. Lol.
Is it the hairline? The colouring? Long eyelashes? What exactly?
Sure could use your input. Thanks. 😉😊
Hugs Annette
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Re: What, in your opinion, makes........

Post by georgeanne »

Gosh I haven't really given it much thought to be honest. I have seen kits that were sculpted to look like a girl and I have seen boy, then of course I see a kit that is sculpted as a boy and I see girl. I think everything you have mentioned can change the perspective on whether a kit looks like a boy or girl. I have always seen the gender of the baby you created when you reborn a baby so maybe it's your perspective. I think also now with more of us painting the hair it is harder to differentiate because the hair/hairline looks the same to me. Sorry I'm no help hopefully someone will come along with more definitive answers.
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Re: What, in your opinion, makes........

Post by Inspired_Rebecca »

I think painting in a softer tone and the hair line and longer hair can make a kit look more girl to me. My Levi looks all boy to me, but I’ve seen some that look all girl and it seems they were more of a ‘pink’ or paler skin tone with longer hair so that it could be styled.
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Re: What, in your opinion, makes........

Post by safcfootienut_Jo »

I honestly have no idea. I usually see girl in a sculpt. The only one I was ever sure was a boy is Saskia by Bonnie Brown as he is the image of my brother as a baby. Other than that I wouldn't know where to start!

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Re: What, in your opinion, makes........

Post by Barbydoll »

It's hard to say. Some sculpts just seem to "look" one way or the other. O, too, think the hair style has a lot to do with how I perceive the gender of a baby. Also rooted hair seems to me to say more girl than painted, though I have both in my collection.
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