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Re: Aluna

Post by Angelica »

I am so sad to read this, bought my first silicone baby from Alunaandy 12 years ago. Sad news indeed .. thank you for letting us know x
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Re: Aluna

Post by georgeanne »

I was hoping that I wouldn’t see this update. I had sent her messages and she didn’t respond so I thought she was sicker than we knew. This breaks my heart she was such a dear Lady and we loved her. I will keep her family in my prayers.
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Re: Aluna

Post by bean »

I am so sad to read this ..I talked to Aluna not to long ago and was sending her lots of prayers her way, didn't know this would happen :cry: R.I.P. Beautiful Friend, you will be missed :heart:
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Re: Aluna

Post by Sally »

RIP dear lady. You will be missed. Xxxxx

Luv Sally xx
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Re: Aluna

Post by tysonsnan »

So sad to hear this news,it hit home hard.RIP Aluna 🌹You will be greatly missed on this forum 🌹
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Re: Aluna

Post by LindaBforbabies »

So sorry to hear about Aluna’s passing. She was a real nice lady.

Rest in eternal peace.
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Re: Aluna

Post by Charlene »

So very sorry to hear of Aluna's passing. My sympathy and prayers are with the family
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Re: Aluna

Post by Carolr »

Oh my such sad news. Aluna was such a sweet lady. She will be missed.
:idea: Hugs, Carol
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Re: Aluna

Post by safcfootienut_Jo »

My deepest sympathies to her family and friends.

Jo in the UK
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Jennifer Sussmann
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Re: Aluna

Post by Jennifer Sussmann »

Her family and friends are in my prayers! I’m so sad to hear this. Such a beautiful and classy lady she was! I hate cancer!
Jennifer Sussmann-Price/Tiny Tot Collectables
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Re: Aluna

Post by Mrs.B »

Very sad news. She will be missed.
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Re: Aluna

Post by Angelicabeb »

Oh no! I am so sorry for her family!
Aluna was a lovely lady with a heart of gold❤
She will be dearly missed😔😔
Thank you,

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Re: Aluna

Post by Leesa »

I am so sorry to hear this.

Aluna adopted a baby from me earlier this year and we had been emailing each other.

I dropped the ball when taking care of a terminally ill family member and hadn't heard from her.

She was so very kind and sweet.

Rest in peace, dear Aluna.

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Re: Aluna

Post by TerryF »

So sorry to hear this she was a nice lady fun to chat with,,so sorry....
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Re: Aluna

Post by MonikaS »

Aw! Just seeing this! So sorry to heat this tragic news. :cry:
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Re: Aluna

Post by LynnW »

Oh, this is so very sad! I always loved reading her posts and she seemed like the kindest and sweetest lady. :heart:
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Re: Aluna

Post by ~Valerie~Anne~ »

I am so sad to hear that Aluna has passed away. I've known her for many years through Doll-Fan and bought a couple of dolls from her. She was always delightful to talk to and do dolly business with. She will be very missed.
Emma Rose
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Re: Aluna

Post by ~Marilyn~ »

So sorry to hear this. RIP dear lady. :heart: :grouphug: :heart:

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Re: Aluna

Post by KrisC »

oh no, that is just so heartbreaking to hear. She will be missed. :cry:
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Sandis Doll House
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Re: Aluna

Post by Sandis Doll House »

Oh no. I hate to hear that.
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