What are your favourite things about dolls?

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What are your favourite things about dolls?

Post by Annette »

What are your favourite things about the dolls in your collection, and dolls in general? (Please, no negative comments about particular artists or manufacturers, thanks).

Newborn or large preemie size, with a sleeping, “calm, contented” look on a face is what I usually go for. Ones that look like they’re crying, with obviously no sound coming out, make me uncomfortable. Lol.
I like my baby dolls to be cuddly. The floppier they are, the more I like them. 😊 Sleeping ones are my favourites, although all but two of my Lee Middleton’s have open eyes, as do my Zapfs.
My favourite colouring is dark hair and dark eyes, but I do have a lot of blondies in my collection now.
On reborns, I like both rooted and painted hair, but not lots of hair if it’s rooted. Sparse on babies, and a little longer on older looking dolls.
The hands can be just as expressive as the face. So my preference is relaxed looking hands, or partially open ones.
Doll’s feet are a fetish of mine.......I don’t like chunky........what I call “Fred Flintstone” feet. :lol: And eyebrows are another fetish. I prefer “barely there” eyebrows.
There are a few in my collection that I consider my MOST favourites, even though I love all my dolls. There are a few that get the most cuddles, and a few that just sit on the shelf, looking cute.
My favourites get their clothes changed the most. Although they sometimes wear the same outfit for quite a while, because it suits them perfectly. 😊
I’ll add photos later......

So, those are a few of the things I like about the babies in my collection.
What are yours?
Hugs Annette
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Re: What are your favourite things about dolls?

Post by cookielover »

My favorite dolls are depending on the type.

In the antique doll area I am addicted to small all bisque babies, little china heads, Carol Horn dolls with crocheted clothes, little AM or other baby heads on a soft body, Metal Bucherer dolls LOVE THEM!!! And at the moment I am repairing a 1800 paper mâché --- fun!!!! I enjoy repair and dressing although since recent hand surgery and Parkinson's that has been very limited of late.

In more modern doll area - I definitely prefer babies - especially silicones and reborn that are not too heavy and easy to cuddle. I like my babies with open eyes so we can "communicate". I don't like full body babies of any kind - too hard to cuddle.

Generally - if it is a doll I will love it!

All and all my favorite thing about dolls - the history of how dolls have been made. Ruth
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Re: What are your favourite things about dolls?

Post by Jenny5 »

Thank you, Annette for starting this thread!
I am so thankful for this hobby and this forum during these odd, uncertain times- so my favorite thing about all my dolls is the distraction and comfort they provide, in addition to the online companionship of our shared passion for this art.
I am intrigued by Ruth’s assortment preferences described- and her restoration project- I would love to see these mediums, as my knowledge of assorted vintage doll varieties is limited.
I am in full agreement on your preference for sparse hair and eyebrows on my babies as well. I tend to prefer awake sculpts, which, as Ruth put perfectly- communicate with me; the eye contact and expression prompt a conversation (allbeit one-sided encouragement). I enjoy sleepers to look at, they just don’t move me to interact as much.
I also enjoy finding just the right props to display the babies in or with- mostly to evoke memories or to properly showcase the beautiful sculpt.
Thanks to you and other fellow collectors for making this joyful hobby extra special 💕

:D Jen xx
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Re: What are your favourite things about dolls?

Post by georgeanne »

Oh gosh, this is a hard question to answer since I love them all. Antique and vintage, vinyl, silicone, resin. I just can't be more specific since they all appeal to me. I love awake babies, sleeping babies, BJD's. My favorite Aunt Vera started on my doll collecting, I was 5 I think and she bought me a Madame Alexanderkins Miss Spain, I still have her, she is proudly displayed in my dolly, girly room. I will have to do some doll room straightening up and when I get myself together I will share pictures. This has not been the best year for me and during the Summer I am pretty much a slug not being able to go outside because of my MS.
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