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Post by cojackbailey »

:hi ya: I’m hoping you ladies can help me out. I use GHS paint for my reborns, and up until now I’ve been using an oven in my downstairs kitchen. Well...that oven finally bit the dust! I’ve heard that so many of you use a NuWave oven, which I’m totally unfamiliar with. I’m just wondering if you can share your thoughts and experiences with using them. I looked at them on Amazon, and there are several different kinds. Any input will be very much appreciated!

Thanks in advance, :foryou:
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Re: NuWave

Post by erin1958 »

They’re great for reborning. You DO need the 2” ring to make it taller. I was lucky enough to find one on eBay that the people hadn’t used. I’d never go back to the regular oven.
Hugs, Erin

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