Back to the oldies.....

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Back to the oldies.....

Post by Annette »

Just since the beginning of the virus pandemic, I got chatting with a friend of mine whom I met years ago, on here, when we were collecting Lee Middleton dolls. I sold all but one of mine (now wishing I hadn’t, because now I can’t find the one that I really loved). But, I got back into collecting them, and now have all these.......... I am still looking for a medium skin toned Lil’ Peanut, and then I will be happy with the ones I have. Plus I have no more room to put anymore! Lol.
(Please excuse my messy, overcrowded doll room. I am waiting for my hubby to put up two more shelves. It doesn’t seem to be a high priority on his list at the moment. :roll: ).

Looking for this guy...if anyone has him and willing to sell, please let me know. Don’t necessarily need originals. Thanks. 😊
And these are all the ones I have.
My favourite.....
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Hugs Annette
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Re: Back to the oldies.....

Post by cookielover »

Lovely dolls even if oldies - hope you find the ones you are still looking for. Thanks for posting and keeping the site active! Ruth
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Re: Back to the oldies.....

Post by Dion »

:heart: :heart: :heart: What a darling little baby, Annette. I sure hope that you can find him. The oldies are my very favorite babies and are all I collect now. You have a lovely collection, My Friend.

:foryou: Hugs, Dion
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Re: Back to the oldies.....

Post by Gilleland2000 »

I do not have this specific baby but do have 5 I am selling at amazing prices. If interested please email me at Happy Hunting!!
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