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Update in a few days and some warnings
28.07.2018, 12:11 by Steve

Server move(haven't done this in awhile)
16.07.2018, 01:02 by Steve

Hi again ladies!
12.06.2018, 00:38 by StacyA

24.04.2018, 01:26 by Nichols73

For those that use the subscribed to gallery
26.01.2018, 16:56 by Steve

DF going to go down for a bit
14.09.2017, 21:39 by Steve

Member Erlene
23.07.2017, 12:56 by erlene

Images and how/where to host them
13.07.2017, 12:06 by Steve

If you notice some slowness or temporarily unavailable....
29.06.2017, 20:54 by Steve

16.06.2017, 17:30 by Anonymous

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Amber by Lorna Miller Sands
Ooaks625.00 USD
Christine by Bonnie Sieben $2200 Mint
Silicone2200.00 USD
Gabygail N°1 by Claire Taylor
Silicone3000 USD
Redhead Wee Patience by Julia Homa
Reborns225.00 USD
Biracial Wee Patience by RealOrReborn
Reborns225.00 USD
Hope sculpt by Claire taylor sale/trade
Silicone2000 USD
Blank silicone Tate kit by Claire Taylor
Silicone2200 USD
Reborn Sunny by Joanna Kazmierczak
Reborns449.00 USD
Trade wanted
Silicone0000 USD
Journey by Laura Lee Eagles
Reborns450 USD